My Online Learning Experience

In the digital world, we live in today convenience has become all too important to stay relevant among the ever-growing student population. Classroom learning may be appropriate for many young people in traditional educational settings. But, for some young students, conventional learning channels are becoming irrelevant in today’s workforce. Furthermore, working people need the convenience of adult education because they need a work-life balance. I also have found my daily life to be too busy to take the classes I need at a regular university. And since I am an avid learner, I have taken several courses online in the past three years. I appreciate the opportunity I have had to take classes from many famous institutions around the world, which I never had before. 

One of the online learning providers, Kevin Young, leader of SkillSoft EMEA, have written in the article. “What will training look like in the workplace of the future?” “To put it simply, sending half your workforce across the country to attend a training course just does not make business sense.”

This phenomenon is not limited to the United States. It has also happened in other countries in the world. For example, an article titled “How to stay ahead at work: the rise of remote learning” by John Rainsford, Carl O’Brien on the Irish Times website discusses how technology plays a role in raising the bar. Know your staff without the need to sit on campus. Here’s an interviewed of Ann Hayes, an online learner, during a long-distance commute ride. While others are looking out the window or using other applications on the smartphone, she chose to study her course materials for the degree program at University College Dublin in Ireland. She had to start working from 6:30 AM and come back home after 7:30 PM. She gave her time to study in the evening while traveling.

The next important aspect that online learning helps with is the reduction of costs vs. time when it comes to efficiency. Let’s take a look at a couple of different case studies of online learning based on overall productivity.

The Coursera website offers a total of 2,700 courses from over 150 universities and institutions. Learners can be with both individual or corporate support. The Bank of Singapore cooperation with Coursera to offer 2,000 bank employees access to the courses in hopes of improving their knowledge of technology and business; in addition to the university courses. I have about ten-course certificates from Coursera and find it be affordable and flexible when taking into the fact the level of material I was learning from many reputable educational institutions.  

While edX, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University website was created for the convenience of internet access anywhere in the world, and it’s free for anyone to join and learn. Encompassing more than 70 schools, nonprofit organizations, and corporations, edX has around 14 million students taking more than 1,800 courses online. 

And the future opportunities of online learning are growing. Research data from private institutes, online learning systems, and article analysis trends from online instructors will help in developing strategies for better learning systems and methods for new generations of learners. And national policies can better contribute to understanding the following trends in the field of learning.

According to an Ipsos research report by the end of the year, over 1,000 employees in the United States surveyed said that approximately ⅓ never received official training in 2016, and 43% said they received Training Efficient, 92% of respondents said that training properly would have a positive impact on working relationships.

Expert advice is provided in the Forbes article on “Six Learning And Development Trends To Embrace For Maximum ROI.” By Kristin Constable, Founder of Winning Academy, Leadership Coach, and Strategist, The era of this technology plays a considerable role. She has six tips to help develop a learning and development strategy.

In conclusion, as a lifelong learner in the Information Technology industry, language, culture, and business, online learning has opened up my world to some of the incredible opportunity I could ever imagine. And since online learning is becoming even more efficient and accepted, I expect many new great learning courses to become available. So I am very excited to keep learning online for years to come.